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CKG Entertainment  Consulting LLC has earned a reputation for our ability to grow some of the best talent in the industry. CEO and founder Carla Na'shay, gained a substantial amount of knowledge starting out as a momager to a child actress. After making common and costly mistakes at the beginning of her journey, Carla grew a passion for helping parents avoid those same mistakes. As it could potentially cause the end of their child's career, before it  got started. 


Through her eye for talent and dedication to help. Carla has been able to assist many children and parents achieve their goals. This begun with consulting and training, which led to representation and bookings. 

 Whether your interest is in film, commercial, voiceover, runway modeling, or print work, Carla believes that having someone on your team would alleviate the confusion, unanswered questions and stress that is common at the start of your journey.   

She feels that connections and assistance is essential to making it in this industry. CKG Entertainment Consulting is here to give you the confidence you need to make the best decisions for your child's future. From coaching sessions, mock auditions, networking tips, personal development and much more. We've got you covered. We’ve worked with a diverse group of talented individuals, connecting them with some of the best Agencies, Management, Coaches, and Photographers in the business.  "You will have to put in a ton of work and even more time, but with CKG Entertainment Consulting we will give you your time back." Putting your mind at ease that you don't have to walk alone. 

We have paved the way to success for our aspiring stars, providing them with all the tools, resources, training, and personalized attention they need to take their first step on their journey to the top. We can't wait to speak to with you. 


 Please note that CKG Entertainment is a talent service counseling company that offers career development. CPS PERMIT NUMBER CP-LR-1000997407  We do not represent talent nor do we submit them for any projects. We do not charge for any meetings with talent agents, managers or casting directors. Information given can be found online for free with proper time and research. You will not hire us to find your child representation, but for career development. We do not take a commission from the talent. See you on the big screen. 

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April 1, 2023

As the Film industry closes out on pilot season ,what is next on your to do list? As inspiring actors you should be constantly checking back on your vision board and business to plan to make sure you are on track to a successful year. Summer is approaching and it would be best  to make sure you are preparing yourself for what is next. As my Mother would say "If you stay ready you won't have to get ready" Lets start checking things off our list starting with a passport and acting classes. You never where your next booking will be located. Happy bookings!!


The Brag Report

April 1, 2023

Read the success stories of people just like you. Who started with nothing but a dream and dedication.

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Tiffany J. 

I wanted my son to get into print modeling. I contacted Carla at Ckg Entertainment Consulting and booked a discovery call. Carla helped me understand what my son's type is and guided me on how to get the perfect photos to capture his type. He now has done work with major brands. I am  so blessed she accepted us as a client.  

Kayla A.

Carla and her team is amazing. She  taught my daughter and I how to stand out in when looking for an agency. Thanks to her help, my daughter captured the interest of two agencies and booked her first commercial.


I booked the consult/ebook combo On Our Way To Fame.  Feeling defeated with no more money to waste  I took a chance after being referred to Ckg. I am so happy I did. I learned so much from the ebook and even more from the call that I asked for an upgrade to her premium package. I signed with a manager who found my daughter an agency and had a direct book after a month. 


           " Follow your dreams they know the way" 

Kobi Yamada


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